We live in the world of photography, that's why I created 85mm, the brand of the best photographic services. It's a professional service for all kinds of photographic orders. From product photography, through business or event photography to artistic and travel photography. Every company or individual needs photos for a portfolio, website, catalog or billboard. Report from a concert tour, cultural event, company meeting culinary photos, architecture or profile portraits are orders that under the brand name 85mm I make on a daily basis. Constant cooperation with agencies such as Especto, Streamline Media Productions and Visualsupport is the result of professional photos of an exceptional approach to the client.
What do you need photos for?


Includes professional photo service for photo sessions:
architecture, business, culinary, aviation, fashion, product, car,
making a reportage:
from a company event, cultural event, theater performance, travel, sporting event, business meeting, training
The adaptation of the commercial offer is very individual and tailored to the client's needs.